About TMG

When I bought this business in April 2021, I knew I was in for a fun adventure!  Rick and Shawn, the Father and Son team from which I bought the company, were famous for delivering extraordinary customer experiences. That remains our #1 priority.  In four years, through hard work and dedication to customer service, they built their customer base to over 800 happy customers!

Fast forward to today. I want to continue the legacy created by Rick and Shawn!  I want to show my two young sons the value of hard work and the rewards of entrepreneurship. I can’t think of a better way to show them this than by bringing joy to children throughout the community by owning this fun, family business!

The task of throwing a child’s party may seem overwhelming to some parents.  My goal is to help them throw a party without stressing out over planning that goes into it.  I want them to enjoy the party and be involved in the joy their children feel at the event.

I’m grateful for our customers and the chance to bring “fun” into their lives. Special thanks to Rick and Shawn and the business they built on happiness and hard work!  We serve Anne Arundel, Howard, and Baltimore counties.  We would love to put a party together for you!

The Moon Bounce Guy… We Take Fun Seriously!