When I started this business in 2021, my plan was just to establish a side hustle that could help my family after our income took a hit from the Pandemic. I never dreamed of “Matt the Moonbounce Guy” becoming a core part of my identity.

But now that I’m here, I realize it’s who I was created to be!

Every ounce of success “Matt the Moonbounce Guy” has seen is owed to others – I’ve been blessed with amazing clients and a rockstar crew of guys that help me execute each delivery. I accomplished none of this alone.

That thought stays top-of-mind each time a new inquiry comes through the site. It’s why I’m the one that answers the phone when you call; not a machine, not a call center, not even a paid employee. Me. I want to make sure I “roll out the red carpet” and give white-glove level service to every person that I can serve.

I bought my first moonbounce thinking I might be able to serve the small community of 700 homes in Glen Burnie where I lived. I never thought I’d be serving all of Anne Arundel County, let alone Howard County and Baltimore County. Thank you so much for helping me provide for my family through this!

-Matt the Moonbounce Guy