The adventure my family has been since we started this business has been amazing. Contrary to what you hear from most business coaches, I’ve actually abandoned “goal setting” or “targets” for the business.

That’s not to say I dont have a vision or ideas for the business. Anyone who knows me knows my brain is constantly churning out new entrepreneurial ideas. But I’ve seen how “goals” can actually distract a business from its purpose. You can get so distracted “building a moonbounce business” that you forget to actually… like… deliver moonbounces, you feel me?

Which brings me to my main point:

God works out the big stuff. Just keep your head down and stay hustling.

I’ve got ideas on how I can scale up for an even bigger and better 2024, but year over year my plans and goals have consistently been dwarfed by what God provides.

Every year I act like I know “what’s next.” Every year, my expectations are subverted. And every year, it’s better than what I had pictured.

We’re finishing the summer strong and excited for where we’re heading in 2024.

Thanks for all the support so far 🙂

-Matt the Moonbounce Guy.